silica for rubber compounds/

Alkaline silica for FKM

Technical index

 Number Project Index R90 R99U-2 R99D
1 Appearance - lihgt-color White White
2 Whiteness - - 96 96
3 SiO2(Dry base) - 96-99 99.3 99.6
4 Packing densit      Kg/m³ 90-850 700 230 400
5 PH(4% water dispersion) - 8.5-10.5 7.3 4.5
6 BET  m2/g 16-65 23 50 50

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White, alkaline off-white or alkaline gray can be freely flowing powder or granule with nano- and sub-micron spherical particles. Stable performance at room temperature, avoid rain, moisture and exposure.


The product is a specially designed white, off-white or gray processing aid, the reinforcement effect, dispersion and processability are better than carbon black N990, can replace N990 in whole or in part, especially suitable for fluororubber reinforcement.
It can be used to produce color fluoroelastomer products.
This product does not contain PAHs.
Suitable for bisphenol and peroxyvulcanization systems.

Packaging, storage and transportation

Tons of bags, each bag net weight 350-1000kg. According to non-toxic, non-dangerous goods storage and transportation.

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