Silica/silica for thermoplastics and elastomers/

Special silica for thermoplastics and elastomers

Technical index

 Number Project Index P10 P20 P20D
1 Appearance White White White White
2 Whiteness >92 96 96 96
3 SiO2(Dry base) >98 99.3 99.6 99.6
4 Packing densit      Kg/m³ 90-500 230 130 400
5 PH(4% water dispersion) 3.9-9 7.5 8.0 4.6
6 BET  m2/g 16-65 20 50 50

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FSUNTM  special silica  is a specially designed white-color process modifier consisting of
spherical, nano and submicron particles of amorphous silicon dioxide.

The nature of the product allows excellent dispersion of these particles in the polymer matrix.

This leads to improved distribution of all compound ingredients and a better flow, allowing higher extrusion speeds and smoother surface of the end product. 


It is mainly used as a processing aid, dispersant, reinforcing agent and flame retardant synergist for a variety of thermoplastics.

Used in thermoplastics such as PVC, PA, ABS, PS, PP, PE, PBT, PET, TPU,TPE etc., it can be combined with flame retardants (magnesium hydroxide, aluminum hydroxide, hypophosphite, polyphosphate, etc.), showing a strong flame retardant synergy;

It can also replace 1/3-1/2 antimony trioxide(ATO) in the bromoantimony flame retardant system to reduce costs;

It can also be synergistic with other inorganic fillers to increase the filling amount and promote the dispersion of fillers such as glass fibers;

It can also be used in the field of high stiffness and high impact strength products;

It can also be used as an opening agent, a matte agent, and a nucleating agent;

When used with silane coupling agent, the effect is better.

Packaging, storage and transportation

Tons of bag packaging, 150kg-600kg specifications.  According to non-toxic, non-dangerous goods storage and transportation.

Contact information

Name: Helen Xu
Wechat No.: helen18857172880

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