silica for coatings/

Low specific surface area fumed silica for coatings

Technical index

 Number Project Index C10 C20
1 Appearance White White White
2 Whiteness >95 97 97
3 SiO2(Dry base) >99 99.6 99.6
4 Packing densit      Kg/m³ 100-460 230 130
5 PH(4% water dispersion) 3.5-7.6 7.3 4.5
6 BET                        m2/g 15-65 20 50

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FSUNTM Low specific surface area fumed silica is a specially designed  process modifier consisting of spherical, nano, submicron particles of amorphous silicon dioxide.

Specific processing and product quality advantages in a variety of paint applications, including improved dispersion, ease of mixing, smoother flow, better paint uniformity, finer pigment particles, reduced pigment load to prevent pigment reaggregation (spacing effect), improved suspension stability due to its grinding effect (shorter processing time), Better pellet packaging (able to upgrade wet scrub grades), longer paint shelf life, reduced need to add solvents (lower VOC content), hardness, etc.


solvent free, waterborne, and solvent based, including UV and powder coatings, designed to improve hydrophobicity, as well as dispersing agents and spacers in pigment concentrates.

Packaging, storage and transportation

Tons of bag packaging, 150kg-600kg specifications.  According to non-toxic, non-dangerous goods storage and transportation.

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